• Orendt Studio Image Film Music

    Orendt Studios worked on a new Image Film for their awesome film work. We are proud to present the music for the film. Have a look and listen: http://www.orendt.com/film/

  • Die schöne Lachsin – Fotoshooting Making Of

    Visit Die schöne Lachsin and take a closer look to nicely handmade fashion.

  • Butts On Buckets – Recording

    In the near future the recording of the Bluegrass Band „Butts on Buckets“ is in schedule… … more info to come!

  • Jazzoulettes – Drum Recording at O-Ton

    Drum recording for Jazzoulettes demo at the renowned O-Ton studio Hamburg. It’s been a pleasure having a very nice atmosphere and tons of nice gear to record with. Many thanks to Dipl. Ing. Michael Bucur for his gorgeous support and ears.